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Irrigation Farms for sale in Namibia

Properties where profitable irrigation is possible are few and far between in Namibia.

So if this is your kind of thing - go for it!

Good Savannah Farming

Excellent mixed veld suitable for both large- and small stock. 2919 hectares, very high carrying capacity, high and dependable rainfall, very practical infrastructure: six camps, good stock-handling kraals, strong and sweet water from two boreholes, one solar, one windmill, Weekend cottage with ablution, and solar power, workers quarters and small sheds.

Price: N$5,300,000.00


Green Kalahari   


Lots of potential. 4500-hectare mixed prime rangeland near Stampriet with 18 camps in three jackal-proof blocks. River valley, broken veld and Kalahari dune veld. Good rainfall area. Very good cattle-and small stock handling facilities. Incredibly strong water on free-flow. 160m³/h. 14-hectare pivot irrigation, 1600m² intensive vegetable garden, large 5-bedroom main dwelling, 2-BR manager’s house.


Price: N$24,000,000.00 (negotiable)


Riverside Beauty

On Sole and exclusive mandate. This is an exceptionally beautiful property 80km south of Windhoek on the banks of the Usib River; 38 hectares, waiver available, very strong water, open well, three boreholes, several hectares of deep fertile red soil, one-hectare old garden was watered from open well, dozens of large camelthorn trees, excellent grazing.

Perfect for intensive farming: Vegetables, broiler chicken, drip irrigation of high-value crops. African medicinal plants, tourism on air B&B basis. High average rainfall.


Price: N$2,200,000.00


Kalahari Retreat  


6974-hectare, 160km south east of Windhoek, located in a very desirable farming area and totally private. Good rainfall area. Two large dwellings with air-con, hunters’ cabin, expansive lawns, large vegetable garden, many citrus trees, lucerne under irrigation, NAMPOWER, outbuilding with meat room and walk-in cool room, recreational tract with lounge, bar & braai, second old farmstead. Strong, sweet water spread out over the farm, large areas with deep red Kalahari soil and many camel thorn trees. Other areas have witgat trees. Several natural vleis, one holds water right through the year. 43 camps including 1200 ha game camp and small electrified section. Excellent stock-handling facilities.



CC owned.

Price: N$17,500,000.00 (negotiable)


The Date and Oryx Farm

Excellent investment for someone looking for something very special: stunning landscape, easy maintenance, plenty game, built-in income, independence and self-sustainability.

Plantation irrigation entirely on solar power and irrigation. 500 Medjool date palm trees, the oldest now four years old and starting to bear fruit. Water reserves and land sufficient to double production.

Large main farmstead built of naturel stone. Pomegranate trees in fruit.

Plenty game, especially oxyx. At any given time between 100-500 oryx. Kudu and springbuck. Plenty small game and bird life.

Huge mountain basin with valley of the Anib River traversing the farm with its dozens of tributaries. Only entry and exit points of the Anib River are fenced. The farm is a natural amphitheatre.

21,000 hectares.


Privately owned, Waiver application currently in process.

Price: N$9,500,000.00

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